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Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Broomfield, CO

Understanding the Check Engine Light and How to Fix It

As your trusted auto repair shop serving Broomfield, Colorado, we at Broomfield Auto Center are qualified to remedy all vehicle problems. One of the most common troubles is the illumination of the check engine light in the dashboard. The check engine light is part of a vehicle’s on board diagnostics system (OBD-II). The OBD-II system is standard-equipped in all models manufactured for the United States, and it was put into place in 1996. It consistently monitors the three main systems in a vehicle: the engine, transmission, and emissions system. Suppose it senses an abnormality with one of these components. In that case, it sends the respective diagnostic trouble code (DTC) to the main system, which is retrieved during the check engine light diagnostics service. From there, it triggers the check engine light to alert you to the detected problem. Once this happens, it’s time to visit us for your check engine light diagnostics and repair.